tensile testing machine

  • Textile Tensile Testing Machine
Textile Tensile Testing Machine

Textile Tensile Testing Machine

  • EDS-50
  • 0.01N ~5kN
  • 650mm Stroke(Not include clamp)
  • 0.001~500mm/min
  • Product description:

Electromechanical universal testing machines perform tensile, compression, bend, peel, tear, and other mechanical tests on materials and products to ASTM, ISO, and other industry standards. These systems are available in a range of sizes and maximum force capacities. From small, low-force systems to test microelectronics, biomaterials, and films in the biomedical and electronics industries to large, high-force systems to test metals and composites in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Max.Load Capacity

0.01N to 5kN (Optional)


650mm(include with clamp)

Effective travel

About 400mm, depends on product and clamp

Test speed

0.01mm ~500mm /min ,adjustable

Force resolution


Load accuracy


Operation method

LCD or Computer with analysis software

Interface language


Force unit

Changeable in g,kg,N,KN,lb

Displacement unit

Changeable in inch,cm,mm

Power supply

AC 110V @ 60Hz or AC 220V @60Hz

Machine dimension/N.W

W300 x D385 x H1250mm /45kg

Packaging Dimension/G.w

W350 x D420 x H1500/ 70kg

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